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We take great pride in solving any and all technical problems relating to support systems, in conjunction with our associated company Carpenter & Paterson’s technical services group.

Pipe Support Design & Drafting with P.E. Certification

The technical services group offers full service design and detailing services for pipe hangers and supports in accordance with ASME, AISC, MSS and other applicable codes and contract specifications. We can supply unique or typical hanger detail drawings as well as hanger location plans to facilitate the installation of the piping systems. When required, our Professional Engineer (P.E.) can review and stamp our drawings to ensure compliance with all industry codes and job specifications.

Seismic Bracing Design, Drafting & Analysis

Carpenter & Paterson have been involved in the seismic bracing design of piping systems and equipment for over
50 years. This function is often incorporated in our standard pipe support design and piping analysis to optimize the overall support system where we furnish detailed bracing/support drawings. We rely mostly on project specific seismic bracing solutions (not just selling seismic bracing components) to ensure full compliance with project specifications.


Seismic Bracing Design & Inspections
The technical services group and many of our technical sales personnel are very familiar with NFPA, MSS, SMACNA, IBC, ASCE and ASME codes and specifications which allows us to provide design recommendations and field inspections. When required, our Professional Engineer (P.E.) can review and certify that the actual installations of the braces have been properly installed.


Computerized Piping Analysis with Pipe Support Optimization
The technical services group has extensive experience in the area of piping stress analysis and pipe support optimization. We can provide a full range of piping analyses that will be performed in accordance with applicable ASME B31 piping codes and customer specifications.